Licence for didactical PC game Noah for Croatian market was sold in February 2008!

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Try Noah

If you want to try the Noah puzzle game which is a part of a Noah didactical game click on Noah icon (basic level only).
In full version of the game there are three levels of puzzle game available.


puzzle game



Game two - Assemble the big ship

In lover right corner you can choose difficulty level (easy, medium and hard). You can change difficulty level during the game.


Puzzle is shown at the middle of the screen.

Click on the piece of the puzzle to enlarge it (you can move it now without holding the mouse click down).

Click again when you think you have found the right spot for it.

If the spot isn't right one the piece is return back to the frame.

If you have found the right spot for the piece it will stay there.


If you can place the piece into the right place you can skipped it by clicking into the middle of game area.