Licence for didactical PC game Noah for Croatian market was sold in February 2008!

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About Noah

Noah is an interactive didactic computer game for children older than 5 years (of interest to school children); however, with the help of parents, it is suitable also for children aged 5.


The game is an exciting adventure featuring brave Noah  and the Flood. It starts with an animated intro strip and proceeds with six interesting and educational games.


Game 1: searching for different parts of the ship (an adventure in 13 chambers)


Game 2: composing the ship (a puzzle game)


Game 3: looking for animal pairs (a memory game)


Game 4: behind the wheel (an arcade game)


Game 5: searching for land (an arcade game)


Game 6: colouring the rainbow (a colouring game)


In a game packege there are CD with Noah game, instructions book, poster of Noah on the Noah's ark and "colour me" book.


Through the game, the child gains knowledge about nature and animals, trains hers/his memory (with the help of the memory game), enhances hers/his oculomotor coordination (with the help of two arcade games) as well as acquires spatial orientation (the puzzle game) and other skills. Furthermore, the child learns about the Bible, different continents, living environments and plants. The game is accompanied by original music by David Beovič, pleasant illustrations and excellent segment animation. It strengthens positive values and is full of educational information and amusing events.


The game is the result of mutual work by the greatest experts from individual fields: Polona and Urban Stojanovič provided idea and game story, Matjaž Pograjc provided help with the direction, David Beovič composed the music, Jure Sešek contributed the speech and sounds, Prof. Dr. Stanko Gerjolj provided expert help, etc.